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Generally, empowerment initiatives tend to benefit only a handful of recognised black organisations or individuals. This has led to a concentration of economic power among relatively few black businessmen and women. In only some instances have economic empowerment and wealth creation been extended to include previously disadvantaged individuals at grassroots level.

With this in mind, Imperial chose an innovative route to empower all its previously disadvantaged staff members.

In 1998 the Imperial Group established Ukhamba Holdings. Through a vehicle called Ukhamba Trust, Imperial's more than 15 000 previously disadvantaged employees were able to acquire a stake in Ukhamba Holdings and share in the wealth it creates.

In March 2004 Imperial concluded a transaction with Ukhamba Holdings, through which Ukhamba acquired a stake of 10,1% in Imperial.

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21 October 2015

Further to the previous announcement of 22 September 2015, the Financial Services Board (“FSB”) has granted Ukhamba a temporary exemption from the provisions of Financial Markets Act, NO. 19 OF 2012, and accordingly, the platform will forthwith continue to operate. For more details on FSB regulation please click here.

22 September 2015

Trading for Ukhamba on the Trading Platform has ceased, pending the Registrar's final decision of the application for extension. For more details on FSB regulation please click here.

30 June 2014

Imperial Holdings 2014 Annual Results

4 November 2013

New Trading Opportunity For BEE Participants (Business Day)

30 October 2013

Ukhamba Newsletter

23 October 2013

Ukhamba Announces OTC Share trading platform.

10 October 2013

Overview of Proposed Ukhamba Restructure.

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